Cereal and grain cooling systems Tecnograin Cereal cooling systems: grain coolers, air blowing grain coolers, cold rooms for grain storage grain coolers

Tecnograin has been engaged in development and production of cereal cooling systems, like grain cooler machines, air blowing grain coolers and cold rooms for grain storage since 1987.

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Cereal and grain cooling systems grain coolers, air blowing grain coolers, cold rooms for grain storage

Equipments for grain cooling: grain coolers, air blowing grain coolers and cold rooms

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Grain cooler Charly, by TecnograinWe propose 5 models of Tecnograin Charly, the ideal grain cooler for every kind of silo and grain warehouse need, according to their capacity.
Charly 11-25 is able to cool from +35C to +20C a quantity of 3500/4000 quintals in 24 hours; Charly 45-70 is able to cool from +35C to +20C a quantity of 8000/9000 quintals in 24 hours.
The control of the grain cooler machine, constantly updated and simplified, is made by a touch screen which permits to display the basic functions continuously, including:

  • configured parameters;
  • real values of pressure, temperature, and humidity;
  • alarms signals and advice about how to solve them;
  • optical repetition outside the machine;
  • alarm reset unique for every kind of problem.

Tecnograin CHARLY
» grain cooler plant computerized functions

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Grain cooling system in Thessaloniki, GreeceGrain cooler in Tarquinia - Italy
36-50 cooling system Charly, for soy and sunflowerAlways working 45-70 grain cooler Charly by Tecnograin36-50 grain cooler Charly, by Tecnoigrain

The grain cooler system operates starting from information that probes send to the computer about the following values: product temperature, external temperature and humidity, temperature of the gases coming back from the compressor, aspiration and compression pressures, temperature and humidity of the refrigerated air, maximum flow permitted inside the silos/warehouses.

Data are saved and treated by the electronic unit in real time and permit to the unit to establish, with great details, the best mode of operation considering the best energy saving possible, for the same yield.

Grain cooler Charly advantagesMany are the advantages of grain cooler Tecnograin Charly models:

  1. suitability to every kind of cereal and oleaginous product;
  2. contained consumption, of about 1/2 kW per quintal of corn cooled from 33-35C to 15-16C, with the possibility to lower the humidity of 1% for every 10C less (so from 16-17% to 14-15%);
  3. possibility of grain storage at different temperatures and at higher humidity percentages without the necessity of a disinfesting process of the product;
  4. limited movement of the product for its airing, thus avoiding micro-cracks caused by the possible wear or rupture of grain outer wrapping and formation of dusts and waste;
  5. fuel saving of 20-25% inside the drier and cancellation of the machine electric consumption, compensated by the quantity of electric energy saved by the drying process;
  6. easiness of use of the cooler machine which, equipped with a control unit, controls the cooling independently, according to the parameters entered and to the outer weather conditions, with the possibility to stop and start again or to use just the air fans if external temperature and humidity are optimum.

Tecnograin CHARLY
» technical features
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Grain cooler options on demand:

  • evaluation of the work made by the grain refrigerator with storage of silos start temperature, final temperature attained, work hours, real electrical consumption;
  • remote assistance, cooler machine control and remote control by modems, mobile phones from the control panel and remote computer;
  • remote automatic signal of alarms by a telephonic dial which informs, based on a continuous sequence, several telephone numbers programmed.
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