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Tecnograin has been engaged in development and production of cereal drying systems, like continuous flow and energy saving grain dryers since 1987.

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Cereal and grain drying systems continuous flow grain dryers, energy saving grain dryers

Equipments for grain drying: continuous flow and energy saving grain dryers

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grain dryer by TecnograinTwo grain dryer models and a great versatility permit to our drying installations an easily adapting to very different products: corn, horge, rye, Indian millet, oat, coffee, wheat, paddy.
According to the different type of operation, we propose two types of grain dryers for this process:

  1. continuous flow grain dryers;
  2. continuous flow and energy saving grain dryers.

The schemes below show the operation of these dryers and their main differences.
» Continuous flow grain dryers and energy saving grain dryers

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Grain dryer in Capannori, (LU) ItalyGrain dryer in Legnago, (VR) ItalyGrain dryer in Legnago, (VR) Italy
1.200 tons grain dryer plantAssembling stage of a grain dryer columnGrain drying system 700 tons

For each grain dryer model two versions are available, according to the heat generator:
Grain dryer with direct fire furnaces the first one is made up by one or more direct fire furnaces, for the installation of gas or gasoline pressurised burners;
Grain dryer with air flow gas burner the second one operated by an air flow gas burner.

We emphasize the importance of some parts: the column, the unloading equipment, the operation in depression, the interception doors.

Grain drying process at mixed flowThe column is specially made with stagged curved metal sheets by which you obtain a drying process at mixed flow. During its descent, the product passes by zones where it is "hit" by a flow of current and counter-current air, which grants the maximum homogeneity of drying and the best energy output.

grain unloading equipmentThe unloading equipment permits the descent of a great quantity of grain very rapidly, thus assuring a constant movement on the whole column and reducing the dust emission. Important detail: its structure permits the total cleaning during the passage from a product to another one.

fansThe operation in depression involve a low consumption of electric current and the elimination of dusts in the work milieu. Particularly, the dryer fans are designed to have aeraulic characteristics appropriate for drying, while blades at variable step permit to regulate the air flow according to the product.

interception doorsOn demand, interception doors with pneumatic control may be installed down-stream of the aspirators in order to block the air flow during the draining phase. This grants a great reduction in environment pollution. Some extensions with a covering in acoustic material are available in case of noise problems.

Tecnograin continuous flow and energy saving grain dryerFinally, let's talk about our leading-edge model, the Tecnograin continuous flow and energy saving grain dryer, which shows the best characteristics today available in the international sector. Its great technical characteristics make it an essential element for large companies.
This installation is equipped with a system inverter used as the modulable heat retrieval, such as a regulator of fan speed for products of different weight, and, an aspect not to be neglected, may have a system for dust reduction (until an emission of less than 15 mg x N.m³ of the ejected air) which also allow considerable energy saving.
A computerized system is also available on demand, which is equipped with a probe of humidity detection in the cellar, to control the dried product, able to take it to the desired percentage.
Grain drying until 1.500 tons in 24 hours.

grain dryers
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