Cereal and grain handling systems Tecnograin Cereal handling systems: grain conveyors, elevators, loading units, cleaners and samplers

Tecnograin has been engaged in development and production of cereal handling systems, like grain conveyors and elevators, loading and unloading units, grain cleaners and grain samplers since 1987.

Cereal and grain handling systems Grain conveyors, elevators, cleaners and samplers

Equipments for grain handling: conveyors, elevators, loading units, cleaners and samplers

Cereal and grain handling systems
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Grain sampler by TecnograinGrain sampling systemFor a rapid and precise analysis of grain's qualitative characteristics, we have a very good system, essential for grain collecting and drying centres.

The grain sampling is made just with a mechanical action which permits to grant the maximum samples homogeneity, to be installed where the product must be weighted thus reducing manufacturing time.

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The sample remover is made up of the following components:

  1. sampling probe
  2. drive piston on sampler arm
  3. sample withdrawl column, with hydraulic control unit
  4. sample transport tube
  5. suction unit for transport of samples
  6. sample delivery hopper
  7. electrical control panel

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