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Tecnograin has been engaged in development and production of cereal storage systems, like grain storage silos, and grain warehouse plants since 1987.

Cereal and grain storage systems: silos and bins Grain storage systems: storage bins, storage silos

Installations and equipment for cereal and grain storage: silos and bins

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A Tecnograin example of grain storage binsTechnograin storage silos are the result of a long research and experience. Their structures perfectly respond to the need of cereal and grain storage and are known for their quality, confirmed by the international ISO 9001 certificate.

A Tecnograin example of grain storage silosThe cylindrical body of the silo is made of corrugated iron panels reinforced by strong external uprights in shaped metal sheet.
The material used for the storage silo is a steel of a high resistance with galvanisation SENDZIMIR 350 g/square meter, while the roof is made of trapezoidal elements in galvanised and ribbed steel plate, appropriate to carry heavy loads.
If storage silo is combined (as it is preferable) to the cooling action of our machines, the floor may have an air blowing system thus obtaining the "optimum" of the product conservation.

The silo assembly is made by using bolts of great mechanical characteristics and granted against corrosion thanks to the presence of DACROMET covering. Finally, special elastoplastic materials and PVC washers permit to have a perfect sealing of the panels and bolts.

Grain storage silos schemes and technical features

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Grain storage silos installations: Agricom, Canino (VT) :: grain drying 400 tons, grain storage 15.200 tonsGrain storage silos installations: Bologna

grain storage silo
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